Why Buy From Reflective Safety Green Work Clothing From Bright Shield?

If you are looking for reflective safety green work clothing for work or recreation, you don’t need to look any further then Bright Shield products. Of the high-visibility standard of ANSI/ISEA- 107-2010 (American National Standard for High Visibility Safety Apparel), it adheres to the highest standards set forth by government regulations for work garments, rain-wear, and safety vests.   Regulations of ANSI/ISEA   A few decades ago, there were no such standards for workers and this lead to many accidents that could have been avoided. Workers were working in “low-light” daytime conditions that subjected many of them to be invisible to many drivers on the road and in the work area. The state regulations dictated the nighttime visibility for workers. The inconsistency across the 50 states made for dangerous situations for High Visibility Safety Apparelmany people who were not protected. National standards such as the ANSI/ISEA establishing a guideline for high-visibility garment manufacturers such as Bright Shield. The national standard is enforced 24/7. The regulations address every type of work environment where apparel is divided into 3 classes of safety requirements. Each class has a minimum amount of fluorescent background and minimum retro-reflective material. Class 3 is the maximum requirements needed in a work area that is of poor visibility and worker involvement.   Comfort and security   Work apparel is not only a matter of safety, but it should also let workers move freely and do the tasks at hand. The garment should protect them from the elements as well. The apparel should withstand tough work conditions. Temperature, wind, humidity, exposure time, gender, age, and body metabolism all play a role in the comfort level of a worker.   Fabric choice is important. In warm seasons and climate, you will want something to hold up to multiple washings. You will want to check out our Performance Pullover HoodWith Bonded Polar Fleece made of 100% polyester. Bright Shield’s safety vests are made of high-quality mesh material that keeps the wearer cooled off during the summer months.In cold weather, layering enables workers to bundle up for the day. Then as the day progresses, they can remove layers as it gets warmer. Our full zip fleece hood is 60/40 ringspun fleece and beanie hat will keep workers toasty on those chilly mornings.   Safety green high-visibility apparel helps in security on the work site. Vests, hats, and other high-vis apparel can identify who is employed on the premises. Contractors have been known to put their logos on their reflective attire to easily identify their workers.   Other features of safety apparel   There are other product features your workers can appreciate. There are zippers, pockets, and you can choose from pullovers or zipped hoodies. Beanie hats or caps are available in safety green as well.   Contact Bright Shield’s help customer service team to help you with any questions and assist you with your order.   WHITTLE, G. (2013). Choose the right HIGH-VIZ GEAR. Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, 47(3), 47.

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