Why Buy Bright Shield Safety Vests

Bright Shield takes worker safety very seriously and it shows in their products. It is important for workers who are near moving vehicles or equipment to be seen, so their vests are made for high visibility. Wearing ANSI-approved vests is key to preventing avoidable injuries and fatalities of workers, such as being struck by vehicles who didn’t see them or other hazards on the work site. Safety VestsHigh visibility is critical for worker safety, especially for those who perform tasks on or near moving vehicles or equipment. Drivers and machine operators will definitely notice the employee wearing a safety green vest in the worksite. These vests are great for leisure activities as well, for instance, biking or out on the motorcycle. Bikers seem almost invisible to other drivers. The high visibility of the material in Bright Shield’s vest helps the wearer become much more noticeable and safer on the road.

High Visibility Safety Clothing

The Micro Mesh Safety Vest and Mesh Safety Vest, both in Safety Green, are made of 100% polyester and light to wear. The vests are Class 2 ANSI approved and passed the test for High-Visibility for Safety Apparel. Bright Shield’s safety vests are made for any of the following type of laborers: •    toll gate personnel •    delivery drivers •    trash collection •    accident site investigators •    utility workers •    school crossing guards •    law enforcement •    emergency response crew The safety green vests are appropriate for flaggers to wear during daytime flagging. Workers can wear them when visibility is poor from inclement weather. If the work zone is cHigh Visibility Safety Clothingluttered and complex, employees can sport these vests so that traffic and drivers of heavy equipment can see them easily. Even during the day, the fluorescent reflective safety vests can improve visibility of the workers wearing them. Drivers on the highways and other roadways can identify workers by their wearing High-Visibility Safety Green Vests, so this ensures your employees are protected by traffic. If you are looking for safety vests that offer the protection your employees need to stay safe within their work area, or for your leisure time activity on the road, Bright Shield’s High-Visibility Safety Green vests offer just that. The vests are available in Adult M/L and XL/2X. Bright Shield is a safety clothing manufacturer that knows that safety is a priority. The company strives to make the best safety green vests on the market so that your employees and loved ones are protected and safe. The owners of Bright Shield have over 60 years of experience in the fields of manufacturing, logistics, sales, and distribution across the U.S. and Canada. The company boasts of an excellent customer service team and high quality merchandise unparalleled in the industry. The customer service representatives have years of experience in working with customers and making sure that they are happy with their orders and deliveries. Expert craftsmanship in design and production at a price that is affordable makes Bright Shield’s high-visibility safety green vests highly competitive in the world of safety apparel. Bright Shield is certified by the State of Virginia as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. References: https://www.safetyequipment.org/userfiles/File/Hi_Viz/hiviz-brochure2010-1up.pdf

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