Your safety is our Priority!

Remember when wearing white clothing was recommended for the early morning and evening in order to be visible to oncoming traffic while walking or jogging?


The 21st Century offers a newer and better solution. Wear our Bright Shield clothing and hats made of reflective fabrics.reflective safety clothing

reflective safety clothingreflective safety clothing


What does this mean? How do we know that Bright Shield products will keep you visible in the day and night?

Bright Shield apparel and hat fabrics have been tested in a United States laboratory based on criteria that is known as the ANSI/ISEA 107 Standard or “American National Standard for High Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear”.


The ANSI/ISEA 107 Standard is a result of a conensus of the standards of the Interational Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) and the Amerian National Standards Institute (ANSI).  The standards focus on the color and brightness of garments and hats in relation to the work environment where it is necessary to stand out and be seen in all light conditions, day and night.


The set of standards established by ANSI vary depending on the intensity of safety required for different work environments.


First, the fluorescent fabric must be approved for color, brightness and colorfastness.  Bright Shield’s fleece and knit fabrics tested in compliance with ANSI standards for fluorescent fabrics, and maintaining their color and brightness after numerous washings.Brgt ShldVestProdPhto


Second, the amount, and sometimes placement, of the reflective tape is determined related to the complexity of the work environment.


Reflective silver tape contains thousands of tiny glass beads that refract light. The tiny glass beads act like mirrors reflecting the light back to the reflective tape.   Bright Shield’s reflective tape also has been tested in compliance with ANSI standards, along with the amount of tape present and the placement of the tape on the garment.


Clothing and accessories made with fluorescent and/or reflective material, such as Bright Shield’s  tees, fleece, vest and hats give everyone the benefit of being immediately visible….and being visible keeps you safe. When your employees and your family wear our Bright Shield apparel, they benefit by the power and safety of these  garments.


Bright Shield high-visibiility apparel is designed and constructed for all outdoor use where it is important to be highly visible.  In addition, our customers wear our garments while working out at the gym, playing ball or as everyday clothing.  Our fabrics are top-notch and our apparel is comfortable to wear.


Come join us and  Stay Safe in High-Visibility Safety Green by Bright Shield!


Bright Shield has developed Hi-Visibility Safety Green clothing for when you are:


  • Working on a construction siteReflective Green Safety Clothing


  • Performing road construction


  • Doing landscape work


  • Directing event and concert traffic


  • Riding your motorcycle or ATV (motorcycle safety clothing)


  • Walking or jogging in low light conditions or even during the day in high traffic areas.


  • Bicycling


During the day, the fluorescent reflective safety clothing is readily identifiable by drivers and other people on the road. By choosing to wear High-Visibility Safety Green Clothing, drivers know that you have taken protective steps for them to stay clear and respect your activity at a distance.


At night, a vehicle’s headlights reflect off your High-Visibility Safety Green clothing, easily identifying you to drivers who will immediately give you the distance required to perform your work-related task or personal activity.


For example, one of the biggest problems motorcycle riders face is not their own driving capabilities, but that other drivers cannot see them due to blind spots. With Bright Shield clothing, chances are higher that drivers will notice your motorcycle safety clothing!


Bright Shield offers High-Visibility Safety Green clothing for warm and cold temperatures. Our Pullover Hoods and our Zip Hoods are perfect for cool weather. When the weather is warm, our tee shirts, sleeveless tees and vests keep you cool and able to work as necessary. With numerous climate options available, Bright Shield has you covered, comfortable and safe!


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