What Type Of High Visibility Safety Clothing Do You Need?

It is mandated according to federal regulation 23CFR634 that anyone who is working in the right-of-way federal-aid highway must wear this type of clothing. Who is considered a worker? Anyone who is on foot whose duties places them in the area of a right-of-way of a federal-aid highway are protected under Part 634. These type of workers include: •    survey crews •    responders to incidents that happen on the federal-aid highway; this includes firefighters and other emergency responders •    road construction workers •    maintenance forces •    utility crews •    law enforcement (directing traffic, handling lane closures, investigating crashes, etc.) Things to Consider for Appropriate Safety Clothing

Hi Visibility Clothing

Consider these factors when determining what type of clothing is needed •    How fast traffic is going and how much traffic goes through the work area •    What time of day or night the workers will be out •    What type of work area activity will be going on; like lots of construction vehicles in and out, many jobs going on, etc. •    What type of job the worker will be doing and how much attention to traffic will the worker have •    How close will the workers be to traffic and work vehicles Classes of High Visibility Clothing The high visibility clothing will have certain standards to go by as set by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). There are three classes that high visibility safety clothing will be placed in. Below are the classes where the different clothing is used and why. It is important to know in what situations each class uses certain clothing. Remember that the higher the class, the better the visibility of the material of the clothing. Class 3: This class is high visibility clothing that is recommended for the following situations: •    Any person who has a lot of tasks to do and works close to traffic and moving equipment Safety Clothing Manufacturer•    Workers that are still out after dark •    Work areas that are cluttered and have high levels of activity going on •    Workers with no protection or barrier between them and the moving traffic Workers that may fall into this class are utility workers, emergency response crews, surveyors, and roadway construction workers. Class 2: This class has high visibility clothing that is less reflective than Class 3 and is recommended for the following: •    Flaggers are to wear Class 2, however, they need to wear Class 3 if they are working at night •    Worn where visibility is poor due to inclement weather •    Workers should wear Class 2 when the work area is cluttered and complex Workers who fall under this category may be toll gate personnel, delivery drivers, trash collection, accident site investigators, utility workers, school crossing guards, law enforcement, and emergency response crew. NOTE: Class 1 garments does not comply with 23CFR634. Class 1: This is for people who are parking lot attendants and some delivery drivers. Criteria for Class 1 is: High Visibility Vests•    The worker has full attention on oncoming traffic. •    There is a separation between traffic and the worker. References: http://simplifiedsafety.com/blog/high_visibility_clothing_requirements/

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