The New Trend For Wearing High Visibility Safety Clothing

There are many reasons for making high visibility safety clothing a part of your work wardrobe. Increasing visibility is essential for keeping many different types of workers and sports enthusiasts alike safe. One unexpected way that high visibility safety clothing is being used today is to make a fashion statement. In addition to the reflective properties of the safety wear, the bright color is also attention-getting and appealing enough to make it a fashion staple for all types of people of all ages. When you consider the use of leather in safety gear, this trend might not seem so surprising.

High Visibility Safety Clothing

Getting noticed takes on an entirely different meaning when it comes to working in low-visibility areas or engaging in riskier-than-normal activities like riding a motorcycle, especially at night or when riding a horse. Basically, any person who is engaging in an activity for work or play that puts them at higher risk than others in the area should wear high visibility safety clothing that will call attention to them more easily.

Fluorescent vs Glass Reflective



Although more and more fluorescent garments are showing up in fashion and retail stores as wardrobe additions that are meant to get the wearer noticed, the safety clothing made from tiny glass beads which result in reflected light offer immediate visibility to increase the safety of the wearer. The apparel is designed and constructed for use in all types of outdoor settings where visibility could be the key to preventing injury. The variety of garments in the collection of high visibility safety clothing also increases the settings where it can be comfortably and effectively worn.

While the reflective clothing made form glass beads is meant to be as reflective as possible as a matter of safety, it is also comfortable to wear during workouts, while play sports, or just as comfortable, fashionable clothing that you feel good wearing. High quality fabrics and quality construction work to create a garment that is durable and functional for safety and for great looks.

Turning Safety Into a Fashion Trend

Reflective fluorescent clothing is a trend that can be seen in men’s, women’s and children’s clothing everywhere you turn. Adults can invest in quality safety clothing that will be functional as safety equipment long after the fluorescent fashion trend is gone. Just one t-shirt, vest or cap made in safety green can keep you safe while you are riding your bicycle or motorcycle, running at night, or at work. When the lights from cars hit your clothing, they will provide you with the distance you need to stay safe and continue with your task at hand.

High visibility safety clothing is a good option during all types of weather and even during daytime events where there is a lot of traffic. As long as there is any type of light to reflect on the glass, there will be a reflection that will keep you in sight. Don’t settle for off-brand clothing that is meant to last for the duration of any fashion trend. Invest in the safety equipment that will look and feel great for a long time to come. In the end, keeping you safe is the most important feature of any safety gear.


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