The Importance Of Wearing Reflective Clothing When Jogging At Night

Many joggers enjoy running at night, especially during the summer months when temperatures can lead to heat exhaustion. While there are numerous types of clothing that have been designed to keep joggers cool and enhance their performance, nothing is more important than including reflective clothing that will make you highly visible to passersby.

In recent years, safety clothing manufacturers were limited to pants and shirts that had reflective bands around the sleeves and pants. While these were appropriate in some working conditions, they do not provide the type of full visibility that will protect joggers. The potential for the lights of a car to miss the areas of reflection on the clothing are too great to risk.

Many joggers falsely believe that they can watch out for the other guy and stay safe without being highly visible to drivers. In reality, the driver of the vehicle that is coming towards you may be looking in a different direction and not focused on the road ahead. By the time you realize they are headed toward you, it is too late to get out of their way. Sometimes drivers will even meander off the edge of the road without recognizing that someone is in their path. This is why it is so important for joggers to dress in reflective clothing that can be spotted at a significant distance so that they are seen long before the driver is likely to hit them.

Why Jogging Puts You at Greater Risk than Bicycling

Today, people who enjoy sports at night can find reflective clothing from a safety clothing manufacturer who understands the importance of coverage when it comes to protection. The more of your body you cover with reflective clothing, the less risk there will be. This is especially true if you are walking or jogging as opposed to biking. The lights on the bicycle and the faster movement are much more noticeable than a Safety Clothing Manufacturerperson who is moving at a slower rate of speed. Wearing reflective clothing will not only make you more visible, it will give you a greater sense of awareness.

Getting your reflective clothing from a reputable safety clothing manufacturer allows you to invest in the garments you need for all types of weather. Garments include everything from sleeveless t-shirts to hoodies for colder weather. Adding a reflective cap or hat will also increase your visibility while serving the functional purpose of keeping you warm or keeping hair back from your face.

The Original Use of Reflective Clothing and Gear

Originally, a safety clothing manufacturer made reflective clothing for use on the job where safety was a serious issue. Today, there are many places and activities where safety clothing is worn to protect individuals during all types of activities. While walking and jogging at night pose a significant risk to individuals, standing out in the daytime can help improve your safety potential when you are in high-traffic areas. No matter what the use, the goal is still the same: Accident Prevention.


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