Road Crew SafetyIs A Major Problem

There have been millions of road crew workers that have been hurt or killed while they were doing their jobs, which is why many states have every tough laws when it comes to drives in road work zones. However, even with the law on their side, and also with new laws like the use of high visibility t-shirts, vests, and other garments, there are still safety problems that road crew workers face all the time. There are some safety tips that can really make the difference between life and death, and also ensure that road crews can do their jobs without having to constantly look over their shoulders.
 High Visibility T-Shirts Keep Road Crews Safe and 5 Other Safety Tips
There is nothing more dangerous than when a car breaks down, and people have to pull over to the side of the road and wait for help. Though the shoulders are designed for cars to wait without causing traffic issues, the force of each car driving by at 50 to 60 miles per hour can literally shake any car no matter its size. Drivers are often instructed to stay in their vehicles for their own safety, so imagine how it must feel for road crews who have to be out on the open road around the fast moving cars?

Here are 5 safety tips to help keep road crews safe so they may do their jobs:

•    The use of road cones: Road cones are bright orange, and they typically High Visibility T Shirtshave tape around the tops and bottoms, which makes them very noticeable especially when headlights hit the tape. The cones should be at least five to six feet apart, and situated in such a way that will allow drivers to maneuver their cars around them easily.

•    Work zone started early: When it comes to road crew safety, it is never too early for the work zone to begin, and the farther away it starts, the easier it will be for drivers to see that a road crew is working and begin to slow down.

•    High visibility t-shirts and safety clothing: High visibility t-shirts worn under equally bright colored safety vests is a great way to ensure that all workers can be seen whether they are working in the day or night, and even under the worst weather conditions.

•    Plenty of people to watch: A road crew should have enough people working on it so that some of them can serve as the eyes and ears of the crew, and it will be their job to ensure that cars are obeying their signs, going slow, and are more alert to everything that the crew is doing.

•    Consider working at night:Though it may seem like a strange time to work, some road crews prefer to work at night because the traffic is less, the weather is more suited to work, and the crew can work all night long without any disturbances.

Road crews have a tough job to do, and that is to take care of roads. The job of road crews can be made even tougher due to safety issues, but there are things that crews can do like have plenty of safety cones, set up a work zone, wear high visibility t-shirts under safety vests, and work at night, and with all the safety tips in place, road crews can get their jobs done with peace of mind.


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