Reasons High-Visibility Motorcycle Clothing Is Essential For Motorcycle Riders

The concern of visibility for motorcycle riders is not based only on a much higher accident rate, but also on the much higher fatality rate in comparison to that of other vehicles. The added vulnerability of motorcycle riders results in the added responsibility of making themselves more visible to other motorists to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. Reducing the incident of crashes which involve motorcycles is the only way to prevent motorcycle-related fatalities. One of the best ways for motorcyclists to increase visibility is by wearing high visibility T-shirts that reflect light even in dark surroundings.

High Visibility T Shirts

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

While most people are not surprised to learn that there is a greater risk of a motorcycle accident resulting in a fatality than in a passenger vehicle, most do not realize that the difference is a staggering 35 times greater! The incidence of traumatic brain injury is most often the cause, an issue that has only been increased since helmet laws have been dropped in seven states. Wearing a helmet decreases a motorcycle rider’s chances of dying from an accident-related head injury by 40%. It also decreases their odds of suffering a nonfatal injury by 15%.

Although there are many potential causes of motorcycle accidents, the inability of other drivers to see the motorcyclist is one that can be easily addressed. Simply wearing high visibility T-shirts will make it easier for other drivers to see the motorcyclist and give them the room they need on the road. There is no changing the fact that motorcycles do not offer the same degree of protection that full-size vehicles do.

Steps in Motorcycle Safety

The high incidence of motorcycle accidents and the high fatality rates has resulted in devoting the entire month of May to observing motorcycle safety concerns. For motorcyclists, practicing basic safety measures every time they are on the road is the only way to reduce their risk of becoming the next motorcycle accident statistic. These safety practices include:

•    Always wear a helmet, even if the laws of your state don’t require it. All states which repealed the mandatory motorcycle helmet law had an immediate and pronounced increase in mortality rates from motorcycle accidents.

High Visibility T Shirts•    Never operate a motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol or other substances that could impair your driving ability and reduce your awareness of your surroundings. It is up to you to make yourself visible to motorists and to take steps to prevent accidents from occurring.

•    Wear high visibility T-shirts to make other drivers aware of your presence on the road and add as much reflective clothing and tape to your helmet as needed to improve visibility. The more reflective clothing you wear, the safer you will be.

•    Obey basic traffic laws including speed limits and stopping at intersections. The majority of accidents where motorcycle fatalities occurred were where a vehicle was making a left-hand turn.

High visibility T-shirts, sweatshirts and helmets can make a big difference in preventing motorcycle accidents. But following all of the guidelines for motorcycle safety will make you even safer when you are on the road.


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