How To Be A Safer Driver In Work Zones

High visibility safety clothing is the clothing you see on construction workers and road repair teams that is highly reflective and easy to see. The idea behind wearing this clothing is to make workers more visible to drivers in an attempt to prevent accidents. Wearing the appropriate high visibility safety clothing for the job is one of the most significant things an employee can do to increase safety in the work zone. As a driver, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities as well.

Who is Responsible for Making the Work Zone Safe?

Every person who is on the job or who is present at the site of the work zone shares in the responsibility of making it safer. As a driver, pedestrian, motorcyclist, or bicycle rider, it is your responsibility to always be alert. Any time you enter a work zone, abide by the speed High Visibility Safety Clothinglaws and any other conditions represented by the signs. Obey all of the traffic laws, including buckling your seat-belt. The same is true for every passenger in the vehicle. In addition, passengers should refrain from any activity that might distract the driver.

The local safety agencies also have a responsibility to respond quickly and efficiently when an alarm is sent and to secure the site of any accident to ensure additional accidents do not result.

How Effective is High Visibility Safety Clothing?

Although safety clothing is only a part of the overall picture, only 10 to 15 % of the fatalities that occur in work zones each year occur to drivers, passengers and other non-workers. The precautions you take to behave safely in a work zone are more likely to protect you than the workers!

The most common type of crash at a work site is a rear-end collision. This comes from the driver’s lack of attention to the traffic conditions in front of them. Speeding also contributes to the problem of work site injuries and fatalities.

Creating a Safer Work Zone

Although there is a huge benefit to wearing high visibility safety clothing in any work zone, there are other precautions that have a vital impact on the safety of everyone involved. One thing is to plan how the flow of traffic will be managed to prevent congestion. This is one of the major concerns where prevention of crashes is being attempted. When drivers become frustrated, they are less likely to drive safely.

The best way to improve safety in work zones is to realize that high visibility safety clothing is being worn by the workers because of the existing conditions in the area. Learn to automatically slow down and take notice of any signs or differences in the set-up of the work zone since you passed through the area last. These work zones can change quickly and you need to realize when a change has occurred, even if it happened overnight. Follow all the safety rules including the speed limit and the directions of the crew flaggers. Stay alert and take the precautions you would want drivers to take if it were your family members at work!



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