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Here at safety clothing manufacturer Bright Shield, we strive to make high-visibility apparel of the highest quality and value of our customers. It is our mission to manufacture the best safety garments on the market today. If our customers are not satisfied with their purchase, we do everything possible to make it right.   What High Visibility Safety Clothing Does   Our high-visibility apparel is for workers that need to be seen by traffic and vehicle operators on the work site. But our garments can be used by cyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts as well. The more conspicuous a person can be at greater distances, the better a person can see the rider (or worker) and an accident can be avoided.  

Safety Clothing Manufacturer

  Wearing high-visibility apparel is important and it is mandated by government regulations. Anyone who works near moving equipment and is near vehicles traveling at any speed has to wear the appropriate safety garment. These include vests, pants, hats, gloves, jackets, and other type of reflective clothing. The garments are in fluorescent colors with retro-reflective materials to enhance the visibility in all lighting situations, during the day and at night. The greater the contrast between the worker and the background environment, the better.   The apparel should be comfortable for the wearer as well. No matter what the product is, Bright Shield ensures their clothing and accessories offer visibility without restricting the wearer’s movement. Comfort and flexibility is incorporated into our many products.   Considerations When Buying Safety Clothing   When looking to purchase safety clothing, think about the warmth-to-weight ratio. You will want to get something that will keep you warm but won’t be really heavy to wear. It will need to be considered what the individual can wear to stay warm with the lightest weight material possible. Mesh vests are a good choice on those days where it is incredibly hot and you want fabric with breath-ability.   Safety clothing manufacturer Bright Shield adheres to the requirements of high-visibility apparel government regulation ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 (High-Visibility Safety Apparel).   Studies on Safety Clothing in Recreational Activities   A study has been done on drivers’ responses to people on bikes wearing a reflective vest alone. It showed that the participants where the reflective vest alone were seen at least two more farther than the participants that wore black clothing.   Another study had noted that drivers of motorcycles who wore reflective or fluorescent clothing had a 37% lower risk of crash related injury Hi Visibility Clothingthan drivers who didn’t wear any such reflective clothing. It has been shown that wearing fluorescent or reflective clothing and using headlights during the daytime can cut crashes by one-third. It is an inexpensive investment to wear high-visibility clothing during the day or night.   Whether you are working hard at a construction site or pedaling on your bike along a dark highway, you can be assured that Bright Shield apparel with keep you visible, safe, and comfortable.   Resources:   Bradley, J. (2006). How to Select the Right Protective and High-Visibility Apparel and Hand, Foot and Fall Protection. Occupational Hazards, 68(4), 49.

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