ANSI And High Visibility Safety Clothing

If your company needs high visibility safety clothing, you should be aware of the ANSI Class 2 Standards. As a leading safety clothing manufacturer, Bright Shield wants you to know what you need to know about this topic.

ANSI Class 2:

The ANSI Class 2 standards were developed so that certain types of employees, such as utility workers, police and fire personnel, and construction workers, would be easier to see by drivers, even in bad weather. These standards are needed in order to ensure that high visibility safety clothing is available to these workers on an “as needed” basis. The types of high visibility safety clothing that fall under these standards include: safety vests, head gear, rain suits, and certain types of outerwear.

ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute; it has been around for about 90 years now. It a private, non-profit organization that is funded by both private and public entities.

What They Do:

Generally, ANSI is responsible for setting up standards in a variety of industries, and this includes safety clothing such as vests. In order for a high visibility safety clothing manufacturer to bear the ANSI seal, clothing must be in compliance with these standards. Clothing or High Visibility Safety Clothingother types of safety gear that do meet the standards cannot carry the ANSI seal.

There are a lot of various standards included in the Class 2 program, some of which are extremely detailed, but the most important ones include:

For safety clothing, the background material needs to have reflective material as well as be fluorescent. Suggested color schemes would include green/yellow or red/orange. The goal is to have these colors be different and brighter than the surrounding environment in order to maximize visibility.

In addition, the reflective material has standards, too. There needs to be one  reflective band that allows for visibility from any angle. The actual performance of the reflective material must meets certain standards as well and be able to withstand bad weather and water.

Why The Fuss?

In simple terms, high visibility safety clothing saves lives, and this has been proven time and time again by a variety of studies and reports. Those workers who are wearing high visibility safety clothing are far less likely to be hit by a motorist or other types of moving equipment. This is especially true for those who work on road crews and construction sites.

By providing your employees with the best in high visibility safety clothing, you are proving to them that safety is a top concern. And when you shop with a high-quality safety clothing manufacturer, you can be assured that the investments you make in your safety gear will be long-lasting and up to code. Why not take a few minutes now to check your current gear and replace those items that may be damaged or worn out? You will find everything that you need at Bright Shield.					

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