6 Tips For Motorcycle Safety

Every year, there are news reports all around the world about men and women on motorcycles that end up seriously hurt or even killed. While my cities and states have made it law that motorcycle riders wear helmets, simply covering the head with a strong bucket-like hat is really not enough to ensure that people who love to ride will not end up hurt or dead. For people who want to make sure they can ride their motorcycle safely, there are some safety tips that they can do to make sure their motorbike, and them too, can be seen no matter what such as using hi visibility clothing.

Ways To Make A Motorcycle and Its Rider Safe

People who drive cars are well protected, and if they are in an accident of any kind, they will more than like be all right except for a few minor bumps and bruises. However, for people who ride around on motorcycles, there is a lot more to their safety than a helmet, and here are six tips for making a motorbike, and its rider, as safe as possible:

•    Choose a motorcycle that is an eye catching color: Motorcycles come in hi visibility clothingvery color imaginable, and some people may want a nice dark colored bike because they look so cool with colors like navy blue or black. However, to be as visible as possible means that the motorcycles should be colors that are easily seen, and that can get the rider a lot of attention.

•    Wear hi visibility clothing while riding: Hi visibility clothing can come in reflective green, which means they will be very bright especially when they are out in the sun.

•    Reflective tape can add be used:A lighter colored bike is one way to be more visible, but another way is to use reflective tape. This special tape practically glows whether the bike is in light or not, and that is really going to help with being seen.

•    Be aware of the motorcycle position on the road: People cannot ride a motorcycle the same way they drive a car. Motorcyclists need to remain on the outside so they are not hiding in people’s blind spots, which will put them in danger for being hit whether they are wearing hi visibility or not. A good visible position can mean sharing the road with cars without fear of being hit.

•    Put extra lights on the bike: Though motorcycles do have lights, just like cars do, the fact is that if they add a few extra lights, then they will be visible at all times of the night or day.

•    Remember to use the horn:People may not realize that motorcycles have horns just like cars, and sometimes a light tap on the horn can really help cars make sure that they are aware of the fact a motorcycle is close to them.

Motorcyclists enjoy the freedom of the open road as they ride their bikes, but the open road can be even more dangerous for those that have a motorcycle. The problem is that some people are not aware of the motorcyclists on the road, and every year, there are many injuries and deaths as the result. There are many safety tips that people can do to make their bikes more visible such as adding more lights, using reflective tape, wearing hi visibility clothing, and many other things that will make the roads safe for both cars and motorcycles.





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